Resend your verification email

If you would like your verification email resent; please login to PAAM where you be be presented with a link to resend it.

Problems receiving verification your email address?

If after signing up you are not receiving an email to allow you to validate your email address please see below:

  1. A lot of users experience problems when trying to signup using an academic email addresses (college/university email address) - we strongly recommend you DO NOT USE AN ACADEMIC EMAIL ADDRESS. This for 2 reasons:
    1. i) Academic institutions are very strict regarding which emails can be received - they block a lot of emails.
    2. ii) You are likely to leave the college or university at some point and it is highly unlikely you will be allowed to take your email address with you.
  2. Try signing up for a Google Email (Gmail) account and using that to apply via PAAM.
  3. Check your mailbox isn't full.
  4. Check the email hasn't been put into your SPAM/JUNK folder.
  5. Check that you signed up with the correct email address WITHOUT typos.
  6. Contact the provider of your email address (this may be your company's IT department, your college or university's IT department, Hotmail, Google, Yahoo, Virgin...) and ask if they are blocking emails from PAAM - if they are request they add the PAAM domain "" to their exceptions/safe/white list/s.
  7. If you are using an academic email address check that you are using the EXTERNAL ADDRESS. Some academic institutions use different internal and external email address for each user i.e. the email address that can be used to email the user from within the academic institution may differ from the email address that is required to be used if emailing the same user from outside of the academic institution.

If you have done all of the above please contact the organisation you are applying to for assistance.