Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement between yourself as a volunteer and 24-7 Prayer on behalf of Wildfires Festival, for your volunteer placement at Wildfires. This agreement will outline what is expected from both parties. If you are unsure of the standards required of you in any area relating to your role you should speak to your team leader, a member of staff involved in the event or email info@wildfiresfestival.com. This document is reviewed by 24-7 Prayer at minimum every year. It was last reviewed on: 1/2/2024. If you are reading this document it is likely you are currently a volunteer with us or are considering becoming one. Volunteers are an essential part of our work and we are grateful that people give their time as part of their service to Christ and we believe that should be honoured, encouraged and supported so want to start by saying thank you from the entire 24-7 Prayer and Wildfires Staff Team and Trustees. What you can expect from us: Training: Where possible, Wildfires will try to match your needs, skills and passions to your allocated role. We will ensure you receive appropriate training and necessary information to carry out your role. Safeguarding: Wildfires takes Safeguarding very seriously, our policies and procedures are in place to protect volunteers, guests and staff. You will be informed of the correct procedures to disclose Safeguarding concerns and given the names and contact details for the designated Safeguarding officers for the event. You will be provided the event’s Safeguarding Policy and asked to read and confirm you have understood its contents prior to the event. Insurance, Policies and Procedures: We will provide adequate insurance cover for volunteers while undertaking duties approved and authorised by us. We will also implement necessary policies and procedures that apply to volunteers for the event to ensure compliance with health and safety and other legal requirements. Data Protection: We will safely manage any personal information we process about you adhering to the requirements for UK GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Data Protection Act 2018. Travel & Accommodation: Whilst volunteering at our events, Wildfires are unable to cover any travel costs or make any arrangements for you, you are solely responsible for getting to and from the event. Equal Opportunities: We aim to treat all volunteers with kindness and respect and not treat any individuals unjustly or prejudicially on the grounds of any particular characteristic, including gender identity/expression, age, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity or heritage. What we expect from you: Roles and Responsibilities: We ask that you do your best to fulfil the role(s) and responsibilities that have been given as a volunteer effectively and efficiently. Part of your responsibilities as a volunteer is to follow the event’s policies and procedures that are shared with you as well as any instructions or directions reasonably given to you by your Team Leader or staff members, If you are not able to meet the minimum standards and expectations as set out in these documents or made clear in any further communications you may be asked to leave your role and/or not volunteer at any 24-7 Prayer or Wildfires events in the future. Communication: To promptly inform us if your circumstances change and you are not able to volunteer with us, or require additional support or information so suitable arrangements can be made. Faith: We expect all volunteers to have an active Christian faith. Behaviour: All volunteers are representatives of Wildfires Festival. Therefore we ask that all behaviour is such that it upholds a good reputation and gives a positive not negative reflection on the event. We ask that you turn up to your shifts on time and remain until you are dismissed by your Team Leader, that you are dressed appropriately for the role and fulfil your duties with a good attitude. Please be mindful of your body language and how it may be perceived. Refrain from being aggressive, violent, shouting or being disrespectful to authority. Any behaviour seen to harass, bully, harass, verbally or physically abuse other individuals will not be tolerated. Volunteers are not to use their position to manipulate others. Substance Misuse: Volunteers should be respectful towards other people and show sensitivity as to when and where to smoke. If you do smoke, ensure that you do so only in the designated areas and ensure that you are not wearing any event branded items of clothing. Any alcohol consumed should not be done so whilst wearing any event branded items of clothing and under no circumstances should volunteers be under the influence of alcohol whilst fulfilling their volunteer role at the event. Please only drink alcohol in moderation and remember that you represent Wildfires Festival during your time at the event. Under no circumstances should you have in your possession or use any form of illegal substances, hallucinogens or narcotics. Weapons: If you are in possession of any items that are dangerous or could be used as a weapon they may be confiscated or reported to the police as deemed necessary. Theft: Volunteers should not be found in possession of any property from the event without the prior authorisation and approval of event staff member or Team Leader. Confidential Information: If your role requires handling sensitive data or you are expected to exercise discretion with any documents, or information you are privy to. Any documents, material or devices, containing confidential information should be returned to your team leader or an appropriate staff member at the end of the event or when no longer required. No copies should be made for personal use. Role Definition Volunteers acknowledge that no employment relationship is created in the context of their role with Wildfires Festival. Where a volunteer is found to be in breach of the standards outlined in this Volunteer Agreement or any of 24-7 Prayer’s other policies and procedures this may result in the volunteer’s position being terminated.